Meet Dr. Lee


Dr. Kristen Lee is excited to provide chiropractic care, lactation counseling and breastfeeding preparation to the greater Milwaukee communtiy.  Dr. Lee began her journey in health care as a pediatric and prenatal chiropractor.  Her passion for creating a healthier future for our children led her down a path that focuses on nutrition, structure, function, and breastfeeding. Through her studies and research, she has learned that a healthy pregnancy and positive birth experience, along with good nutrition and nurturing are the best ways to encourage optimal health in children and families, starting with a positive breastfeeding experience.

Dr. Lee is married with two little kids and a baby.  She and her family enjoys being a part of Downtown Montessori Academy and the Bay View community. The family, which includes 3 dogs and a cat, enjoys being outside, reading, fishing, going up north, and hanging out for movie night.



“Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and raising  children should be a wonderful experience for every family. I am dedicated to providing care and education that will help make this goal a reality.” -Dr. Lee